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Do join the three Founder Members of the

International Neuroflexology Guild,


for an opportunity to learn this new therapy.


It is now no longer necessary to give long treatments challenging

the therapists’ hands and posture.


Practical application time is usually 3-4 minutes, then sit back and

observe as your client’s body responds to treatment

and activates its own healing process.


Some amazing results have been evidenced in our own Tutor

Case Studies and now our students have their own stories to tell.



Neuroflexology Student Testimonials


"It was everything I wanted the course to be" Julie Q, Kent


“... I thoroughly enjoyed the first day of the Neuroflexology course in June.”

"It was another thoroughly enjoyable day. I feel very inspired by neuroflexology."

Karen S, Bucks


"I really thoroughly enjoyed participating in the course and am really happy to have

managed the course criteria. Thank you all your support and guidance." JN, Herts




Day 1 Course Content


1) Background and History of Neuroflexology


2) Review of Anatomy & Physiology of the    Endocrine and Nervous Systems


3) Practical demonstration by Tutor(s) of Neuroflexology on feet, followed by students practising in pairs


4) Discussion on recording client sensations.


3 Case Studies x 6 treatments

Total: 18 treatments


Day 2 Course Content


1) Student feedback of Neuroflexology treatments


2) Discuss recording of client sensations


3) Practise and confirm Neuroflexology technique


4) Tutor demonstration/guidance and student practical session of Hand treatment/Self treatment/Public demonstrations


Students are expected to participate in practical application of treatment,

discussion and question & answer sessions.


A Certificate of Completion is given provided the student has attended both days of the 2 Day Course, practical technique has been demonstrated and assessed by the Tutor(s) and Case Study

requirements have been completed.


Insurance available through CThA and Balens. You can record the Neuroflexology Course as part of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)




Approved by the Association of Reflexologists

for double CPD points




Complementary Therapists Association approved CPD course


International Neuroflexology Guild © 2022




Neuroflexology is a simple technique that is quickly and easily applied to the foot and lower leg.


Neuroflexology is designed to switch on a person's own healing system.


Neuroflexology enables the body to re-balance itself naturally.


Neuroflexology may improve well being, help anxiety, ease painful joints and back problems.


Neuroflexology is a minimal treatment with effect, making it truly a therapy for the future.


Tania Waller - Tutor

Jennie Levick - Tutor

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by Jennie Levick £15 inc p&p


Teach yourself Neuroflexology with this easy to use manual.




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