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Testimonials from Clients:


"Approx 8 years ago I fractured my left ilia and although it mended it left (in the neurologists opinion) some nerve damage, the result being severe numbness in the leg and foot, the worst area being the left big toe. During the 6 Neuroflexology sessions that Ani gave me I noticed very little the 1st time, some discomfort just almost like pressing a bruise in certain places on each foot. As the sessions continued the pressure created more sensation and occasionally it was uncomfortable. The good thing was I was getting more sensations in the left leg after the sessions: the leg and foot were warm, which was very rare. I could feel the leg and foot, apart from there felt like a resriction around the ankle (this was a new sensation as if the ankle was bound) I had a tingling in the toes and sharp jabbing pains down the big toe. After the 1st couple of sessions I could lay back and close my eyes and feel which area of my left foot Ani was touching, which is a definite improvement, as in the past I have damaged my toes through dropping stuff on them or ill fitting shoes, as I don't get the normal pain sensations. All in all I'm pleased with the results so far and am hoping to continue to increase the feeling as it presently affects my ability to walk any distance and wear any shoes with a heel." Tina


"I personally am very impressed with Neuroflexology and the treatments I have been having have helped me in many ways including my painful neck, and I am in a very stressful situation at the moment with my son's health and I feel a lot calmer after the treatment." Helen


"I started seeing Tania in August 2015 following a diagnosis of a heart condition which then later led to panic attacks and severe stress. I had had a very turbulent year and this diagnosis was really the icing on the cake !! Having convinced myself that I was seriously ill and suffering the side effects of my heart medication I turned to complimentary therapy. Having found Tania via a google search I gave her a call. She was instantly very calm and reassuring and suggested that I try a relatively new therapy called Neuroflexology. At my first appointment I was understandably apprehensive but Tania spent a long time going over things that had happened in my past and painting a thorough picture of where I was in my life. She then helped me to understand how some of these things could be affecting me now. The actual therapy lasted no more than 5 minutes and it was in the cooling down  time that I started to feel my body really waking up and starting to heal itself. That night I slept the best i had in a longtime. It really has been a journey that I feel I’ve travelled with Tania kindly holding my hand . At times it wasn’t easy but I had the strength to make necessary changes in my life and now my heart condition has improved drastically to a point where I no longer need medication and my panic attacks are non- existent. I really do feel like I’ve got my life back !! I trust Tania so implicitly that I now take my own children who suffer with Autism and ADHD and have seen a real change in them. Children have no reason to lie and so this was a bit of a test to see how they felt about the treatment. They have also reported to me that they ’Love going to Tania’s because I feel so chilled and she’s lovely’ So as some say out of the mouths of babes. As a family we can’t recommend Tania highly enough." ND


"....I was so used to having no sensation in my right foot and it wasn't until the 3rd session [of Neuroflexology] that I realised my foot was starting to respond to being touched and then as the sessions continued it was as if my foot had re-awakened and most significant for me was that my feet were starting to feel equal. Now I can feel sensations travelling up my leg and sometimes as far as the top of my hip. I am delighted!"



Testimonials from Practitioners


"I completed this course a few years ago. I have been delivering it regularly with my clients and have seen some very positive responses. It’s very gentle & effective. Would thoroughly recommend it." Teresa O


“ ... I thoroughly enjoyed the first day of the Neuroflexology course in June.” Karen S


"Not knowing about Neuroflexology I asked for a sample (4 minute!) treatment from Jennie [Levick] and was blown away by the whole body changes I could feel, even within minutes of treatment. After using it in clinic for just 6 months, on its own, I had many, many clients (and me) amazed that so little work could have so much impact in terms of pain relief, relaxation and more. I frequently incorporate it into treatments and I am looking forward to the opportunity to take it into day care settings where 10 people could all be treated witin one hour as they sit together having a hot cuppa. A very efficient use of my time and also benefiting a larger number of people whilst saving my hands as well!" Kathryn P


"Last week a client suddenly twitched and said a fly had landed on her shoulder but then she realised it was things shifting as she started to get lots of sensation on the opposite side (she has Parkinsons) and all down her arm. Things continued from there :D"


"I have found that Neuroflexology is a good alternative when someone cannot receive Reflexology treatment due to pain caused by old injuries around feet or ankles. It only takes 5 or 6 minutes to complete and gentle pressure is used but this was enough to help the client to feel very relaxed and much less pain in his neck and lower back temporarily after treatment. I have offered him [client] reflexology treatment a few times before but it has never been completed due to the pain in his feet."


"I feel the lady will continue to be pain free as long as she does not aggravate the condition. However, if this happens, the problem can be relieved quickly with Neuroflexology as shown after the second treatment."


"Despite the application of the treatments being given under the same conditions, in the same way at fortnightly intervals the sensations felt varied every time. Looking at the result of this case study it can be seen that one of the greatest effects the client reports is the fact that she feels very calm and relaxed/chilled out. Given that she [client] is prone to anxiety, tension and stress this would suggest that it has been of great benefit to her, especially as she was in the process of moving house, which as we all know can be very stressful! The general reaction to the treatment was tingles, although she did report feelings of warmth, trembling, headache and a flush of energy moving over her body as other reactions experienced. These reactions would all suggest movement of something within the body. The second treatment seemed to invoke more reaction than the first, which would suggest that it has been able to reach more areas than previously. The reaction to the third and fourth treatments seemed to be more short lived. This is possibly because it had encouraged the body to rectify the less critical/non complex problems which it could target easily. Possibly a longer treatment programme or a more condensed treatment programme may have seen the reactions continue to build up as the body began to tackle the more complex and long term problems that it had to deal with."

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